Fort Washakie

Fort Washakie is in Fremont County, in the Riverton metro area.   The community was named after Shoshone Chief Washakie.  His policies of accomodation with the Whites also included an insistance that there be provided schools, hospitals, and other services. Thus, in the Fort Bridger treaty of 1868 with the Shoshoni, the Government pledged to establish a school at Fort Washakie at a cost of not more than $2,500. The first teacher at Fort Washakie was James J. Chander (1849-1927). The first class has 35 students, both Indian and white.

Chief Washakie continued support for education. He, among other things, donated 160 acres of irrigated land to the Rev. Dr. John Roberts (1853-1949) for the establishment of the Shonshone Indian Mission Boarding School.