Fort Laramie

Annual Festivals: One Summer Day

Located just down the road from one of the most important historic sites in the west, the town of Fort Laramie owes it’s very existence to fur traders and emigrants braving the western frontier. As the first garrisoned post in Wyoming, Fort Laramie was located near a precious resource for the 1800s… water. At the confluence of the North Platte and Laramie Rivers, the post was the most important outpost on the historic trails – Oregon, Mormon and California – and was founded in 1834 by 14 Rocky Mountain Fur Company men built the small stockaded post. The post served the needs of thousands of emigrants as they headed west in search of their dreams.

The site is managed, restored and protected today by the National Park Service. There are 22 original structures still standing, many of which have been restored and are available for visitors to enjoy.


Population: 425 
Elevation: 4239
Region: Central

Goshen County
Fort Laramie