Casper is the place where the lines between natural and urban landscapes blur. Here, an afternoon out is biking across Casper Mountain’s limitless trails, the party of the summer is on inner tubes floating down the North Platte River and a lunch hour is spent fly fishing for blue ribbon trout in the heart of downtown. In Casper, you’ll revel in all the picturesque Western scenery, spectacular recreation and cozy amenities of a traditional mountain town without having to worry about long lines, bumper-to-bumper traffic or high prices. This is the mountain town for the wild at heart.

With Casper Mountain just a fifteen minute drive from the river that intersects the downtown business district, you can fit a lot into one day in Casper. And one of the best ways to experience everything we have to offer is along the dozens of crisscrossing trails that span the area. In the mid-nineteenth century, Casper was the only point of convergence between the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails, so trails are at the foundation of our city, and their legacy lives on through the historic, urban and recreational trail systems that connect every corner of our community. Select your transportation mode of choice (hike, bike, run, skateboard, dog leash, etc.), and venture through town via the Rails to Trails or Neighborhood Trails. Grab a fly rod and explore the river along the Platte River Parkway, or lose yourself on Casper Mountain along the Bridle or Braille Trails.

No matter the route you decide to take on your adventure, you’ll never be traveling alone, because in Casper, the wildlife live among the people. In Yellowstone, the bears, wolves and bison stay in the park, but like running into old friends, bustling about town is the best way to spot Casper’s abundant population of pronghorn, mule deer or the occasional wild turkey (like Thomas Gobbles who wanders the downtown residential district. Follow him on Facebook. In fact, you’ll find that crossing wildlife is our most common source of traffic jams (which isn’t that surprising given that pronghorns outnumber people in Wyoming). Head out on a photo safari and see just how many animals you can spot during your visit. You might say that in Casper, you’ll find the wild in life.

The only thing that might exceed the pronghorn in both notoriety and number are the trophy trout swimming throughout the North Platte River. If uncrowded waters teeming with blue ribbon trout is the stuff of your dreams, look no further than Casper. Named the #1 Big Fish Destination by American Angler Magazine, Casper is widely considered Wyoming’s top fishing spot by anglers around the world, and no trip out West would be complete without wading into the North Platte. It’s the perfect place for the fishing experience of a lifetime — be it along the famed Miracle Mile or Grey Reef stretches of the river or among the hustle and bustle of our urban core. If you’re looking to find big fish and lots of ‘em, grab your rod and plan to stay in Casper for a few days.

We know you’re visiting Wyoming for the great outdoors, but we invite you to stay in Casper for the party. We host the state’s biggest events, and our summer calendar is jam-packed. Seasonal staples include the College National Finals Rodeo in June, the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo in July and Beartrap Summer Festival in August. And whenever you’re in town, weekly outdoor concert series, farmers markets and monthly Art Walks are quickly becoming one of Casper’s favorite ways to spend summer weekdays.

From humble beginnings as a frontier outpost, Casper has emerged as a year-round destination that features all of the spectacular scenery, recreation and comforts of a traditional mountain town but with a refreshing free-wheeling spirit of adventure. Welcome to the mountain town for the wild at heart.