The little Snake River Valley town of Baggs is located on the main road WYO 70 at the southern Wyoming boundary. This town can be reached by driving south on WYO 789 from Creston Junction on Interstate-80. The “out of the way” location actually played an important role in the colorful early history, making the area an ideal “rendezvous” for bad guys.

Butch Cassidy and his outlaw “Wild Bunch” came here to celebrate holdups in the four-state areas of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. After one $35,000 haul in Winnemucca, Nevada, the Wild Bunch actually took possession of the town of Baggs and “threw bullets and money about with abandon.” The town folks, it is reported, successfully dodged the former as they gathered in a share of the latter.

The same off-the-beaten-path characteristics that once attracted the outlaws and enforcers now hold a special charm for those seeking a vacation spot away from the crowds and the crunch. Good paved and graded all-weather roads connect the area with the North Platte River Valley (WYO 130 and 230) to the east, and provide access to the unspoiled Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Wildlife watching is at a premium in this area of Wyoming. It is not unusual to find deer, elk, antelope and fox. Many bird species call the valley home as well. 

Population: 627
Elevation: 6,286
Region: Southeast

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