During your trip to the Big 3 western icons – Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower and Yellowstone – plan a stop in Gillette, the Energy Capital of the Nation, where the possibilities are as wide open as the skies. Your SD-WY adventure will be a safe experience because social distancing is a way of life here. In this wild country, we engrain the natural paradise of Wyoming with our own uncommon flavor for a surprisingly authentic experience.

Gillette is located on I-90, just 64 miles from Devils Tower National Monument, in-between Rushmore and Yellowstone. It is the perfect stopover if you want to experience a working bison ranch tour or dine at any of the 70+ restaurants, breweries and grill pubs. Gillette is becoming Wyoming’s newest foodie haven.

Please enjoy our video message to you. See you soon!

WY Responsibly

For tips on traveling mindfully and responsibly through Wyoming’s big, open spaces, visit WY Responsibly. Just remember: Leave natural spaces cleaner than you found them, keep a safe distance from wildlife and respect the health and safety of everyone you encounter by social distancing and wearing a mask.

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