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The West Still Lives: Discover Old West History at these 8 Wyoming Forts & Battlefields

When hardy migrants started settling the West in the 1800s, they followed the dusty trails and wagon-wheel ruts of those who came before them. Forts sprang up along these paths to provide weary travelers and railroad wor...


5 Wyoming Ghost Towns You Need to Explore

During the 1800s, the pioneering spirit was alive and well. Thousands of farmers and their families made the six-month trek along the Oregon Trail, and prospectors ventured out West in hopes of striking it rich...


Discover the West in Wyoming’s Historic Places

Wyoming history is steeped in Wild West lore, geologic marvels, Gold Rush-era trails and burly mountain men. No matter where your travels take you in Wyoming, you’ll be roaming through landscapes, cities, and monum...

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10 Northeast Wyoming Hidden Gems

Visitors flock to the wide-open spaces of Northeast Wyoming to visit Devils Tower and play in the Black Hills, but savvy travelers won’t want to miss the area’s many charming small towns and the hidden gems they hold...


Wyoming Frontier Prison, Rawlins, Wyoming

By Danielle Wolf The year is 1908, and Annie Bruce is incarcerated in the “Old Pen” for killing her father with a poisoned plum pie. Three years later, restless prisoners burn down the prison’s broom factory, allow...