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Feeling the itch to get out and connect with nature? Nestled in a valley at 7,220 feet between two mountain ranges in Southeastern Wyoming, you will find the high plains city of Laramie. Laramie is the proud home of the University of Wyoming, alongside a colorful historic past and some of the region’s best scenery. The vibrant college community offers all of the arts, culture, and events of a big college town, all while holding onto a uniquely Wyoming western history.

Step into the past at one of Laramie’s celebrated museums, like the University of Wyoming Geological Museum, Historic Laramie Railroad Depot Museum, or the renowned Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site. After a visit to campus, Laramie’s downtown is a bustle of activity with historic buildings, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and the eclectic local dining and culture scene you would expect from a hub of higher education. Downtown Laramie also boasts a fantastic walkable brewery tour sure to quench your curiosities.

Adventure awaits just at Laramie’s doorstep to the east or west in the Medicine Bow National Forest. To the east, Pole Mountain connects Laramie directly to the forest from city limits. In the National Forest, you’ll find towering granite hoodoos at Vedauwoo — a favorite for mountain climbers — along with mountain biking and hiking trails at Happy Jack Recreation Area and Curt Gowdy State Park. Heading west is the Snowy Range Scenic Byway, offering jaw-dropping vistas of the Snowy Range and Medicine Bow Peak. Whether you are looking to bag the peak, catch a trout on the fly, or spot some wildlife, it is always an adventure in the mountains surrounding Laramie.

Make a stop out west in “Laradise,” where you’ll find adventure, culture, history, and that buzzing college town bustle. Book a trip soon and find out why All Trails Lead to Laramie.

WY Responsibly

For tips on traveling mindfully and responsibly through Wyoming’s big, open spaces, visit WY Responsibly. Just remember: Leave natural spaces cleaner than you found them, keep a safe distance from wildlife and respect the health and safety of everyone you encounter by social distancing and wearing a mask.

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