The ENDOW Initiative

Citing the need for a comprehensive approach to diversify the Wyoming economy, Governor Matt Mead announced in November 2016 that he is creating the ENDOW initiative. The initiative will coordinate and expand ongoing efforts across the state, as well as produce measurable results expanding the Wyoming economy. He made the announcement during the Governor’s Business Forum, hosted by the Wyoming Business Alliance.

The ENDOW acronym represents “Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming.”

“We need immediate and measurable results now,” Mead told the forum audience. “We need to build on recent success in establishing technology as a fourth leg of Wyoming’s economic strength. We need to build on the efforts to add value to coal, minerals and natural resources.  We need to build on our success in a growing manufacturing industry.”

Governor Mead cited several decades of economic studies and plans – some dating to the period when his Grandfather, Cliff Hansen, was Wyoming’s Governor. Many of these recommended addressing issues still pressing in 2016.

“For decades we have wanted to grow opportunities that keep our young people in Wyoming,” Mead said. “We have known for more than 50 years that it is important to add value to our natural resources, to improve air service and to expand research. The problem with the past plans is that they have addressed the next four years – or next eight years. These are connected with political terms and we need economic action that spans the next 20 years — efforts that go beyond this Governor and the next.”

For more information, visit ENDOW’s website